Leftwich Viaduct losing its trees? ….

Posted on January 9th, 2013, by The Chairman

Some of you may remember our Network Rail fix list blog from 2010.

John Hulme spotted men at work on Leftwich Viaduct last Monday.

(c) John Hulme

Perhaps it’s “time up” for our viaduct trees?

Looking at that 2010 Blog, here’s an update as best we know.

Mickle Trafford

We think the graffiti was painted out.


The hole in the platform was sorted as part of the “Alliance” blog from 2010 work.


We know CWaC have done work on the road drainage to stop it flooding into the station car park.


The tree continues to thrive!


Can anyone give us an update on the tree and graffiti?


Overhanging trees removed. We’re still awaiting the fitting of the replacement signalbox sign.

Deansgate Junction to Northenden Junction

Trees and bushes have been removed on this section, though there’s more to be done and on other sections.

If you know more or have new items to add, please let us know.

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  1. Simon Says:

    More of the same.

    I hope someone can help me.

    We have had a letter from Network Rail about ‘Vegetation Management Works’ due to be carried out on the Middlewich section of the line to the rear of our house from Monday 4th February to Friday 8th February 2013 between the hours of 22:50 and 05:15.

    The letter states that Network Rail require the removal and cutting back of general vegetation and trees for safety reasons and including keeping signals clear and providing their staff a safe place to stand when trains pass.

    That they will be using chainsaws, flail machines, chipping machines or handsaws – plus needless to say they will need floodlights so they can see what they’re doing.

    I have already contacted ‘trees@cheshireeast’ with regards to the impact the removal of trees and vegetation could have on our local wildlife.
    I have also questioned the reasons for Network Rails actions – a very large yellow pipe (approx. 2ft Dia) has been sat only metres from the track for several months waiting to be dug and buried into the ground. A service pipe for the new houses being built off Holmes Chapel Road and Jersey Way.

    Work has already started during daylight hours of the clearing of ground vegetation and branches from bushes etc, all of which are well away from the track and are further up the embankment – of no danger to anyone and well away from the track.!

    This is a freight line which is used 24/7, but the amount of trains that use this line varies dramatically.
    We can go weeks even months when not one train uses this track.
    Other weeks we have trains use it only at night and not during the day.

    I am sure they could arrange working hours to coincide with the sleeping pattern of the residents – bring forward so they finish work at 22:50.
    They have previously worked on the line so they finished work before 20:00.

    I cannot believe they plan to carry out such noisy work during the hours they have stipulated – this is extremely noisy equipment they are planning to use in a residential area throughout the night for 5 nights, Monday-Friday 22:50 to 05:15..!!

    I already know I will not get any sleep whilst this work is being carried out and I have a 26mile drive to work every day and a 26mile drive home. I already fear for my own safety and of every other resident this will affect.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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