Wayfarer Day Tickets now available at local PayPoints! ….

Posted on January 15th, 2013, by The Chairman

Wayfarer ticket prices increased on 14 January, but they’re still very good value.

Wayfarers are now available from Paypoints. They’re still valid on buses before 9.30am on Monday to Friday.

TfGM’s press release states:


Popular ‘Wayfarer’ day tickets now available by PayPoint

A popular bus, train and tram ticket that allows travel across Greater Manchester and beyond is now widely available for the first time from hundreds of PayPoint outlets.

The Wayfarer ticket, which is also available from staffed rail stations and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Travelshops, allows users to travel as far as parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire and the Peak District.

At just £11 for an adult ticket, it offers affordable travel for a day out. A £6 concessionary ticket is available for children (aged 5 to 15) and people aged 60 and over. A Group Wayfarer ticket for up to four people (two must be under 16 years) is £21.

Susan Wildman, TfGM Communications and Customer Services Director, said: “Our Wayfarer tickets are perfect for a day out with family or friends and are now easier than ever to buy.

“You can pick one up locally from any outlet in the Wayfarer area displaying the PayPoint sign – maybe your local newsagent or Post Office – and use it for travel on the day.

“The Wayfarer allows you to get out to some fantastic locations in the North West at an affordable price, with complete freedom to travel by bus, train and tram.

“I’d recommend people take a look on our website at www.tfgm.com/wayfarer to plan a great day out.

”Wayfarer lets you travel by bus at any time and by train and tram after 9.30am on weekdays and anytime on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Wayfarer tickets bought at PayPoint outlets must be used on the day of purchase. Tickets can still be bought from staffed train stations, some tourist offices, and by PayPoint at Travelshops.

To find your nearest PayPoint outlet, visit: www.paypoint.co.uk/paypointlocator

More information about the Wayfarer ticket, including maps, is available at www.tfgm.com/wayfarer


We’re delighted to see these tickets now so easily available and from so many locations. For many it will no longer be necessary to buy them in advance and store them up until the day they’re needed. Well done, TfGM!

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  1. Black Five Says:

    So let me get this right. As I am over 60, I can go to Northwich Station, pay £6 in the Platform side Ticket machine and take the train to Buxton and back. Sounds a good day out to me! Am I able to come back by bus via Macclesfield and Sandbach?

  2. Jen Says:

    Black Five – I can’t see anywhere in the original post where it mentions the platform ticket machine at Northwich station. Paypoint is a system that Post Offices, petrol stations and some shops. Although, a Wayfarer is available to purchase from the ticket office at Northwich station while it is open and the Watling Street bus station office can sell them.

    Sandbach is not included in the area. Northwich-Stockport-Buxton by train is valid using a Wayfarer. I’m not sure whether Buxton-Macclesfield-Knutsford-Northwich would be valid by bus. The map seems to indicate Northwich-Knutsford by train is included but by bus is excluded. The map is here: http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/Documents/PDFMaps/Wayfarer-bus-map.pdf

  3. Black Five Says:

    Jen. Many thanks for your help and guidance especially about the PayPoint system which I can see on their website is avalable at my local shop.
    It would be very useful if they were available from the Station Ticket Machine as the Northwich Ticket office has limited hours.
    As for my bus excursion, it would be most interesting to work out a route probably via Manchester and Warrington to ensure I am within area and the bus services that use Wayfarer. Perhaps even a competition to see who can travel the further via a Wayfarer Ticket?

  4. Conductor Says:

    We’ve asked in the past whether we could sell Wayfarers on our Conductor’s Avantix machines, Ticket Vending Machines and through the normal ticket stock used in ticket offices. There were strong rumours of this happening at the beginning of this year but to no avail.

    They are indeed excellent value for money Black Five!

  5. Jen Says:

    The post relating to Merseyrail Day Saver ticket is probably relevant here as well:

    It seems Merseytravel couldn’t put the ticket on the system as a rover so they found a bodge to put it on the system as a single ticket.

  6. Black Five Says:

    Promoting the Wayfarer and indeed the Mid Cheshire Line (from Northwich but for some reason excluding Plumley) using the Wayfarer has got to be all about lateral thinking and thinking outside the box (!).

    I would be interested to learn from Wayfarer Tourists where they have been for a day out and indeed whether anyone has used the ticket to come to Northwich.

  7. Simon Barber Says:

    Plumley station appears to be excluded if you look at the bus map, but there is a separate rail map to define the railway lines covered ( http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/Documents/PDFMaps/Wayfarer-Rail-diagram.pdf ), and on this, Plumley is clearly included. The bus map looks odd, but Plumley village centre hasn’t got a regular bus service, so it isn’t as daft as it looks. On the separate subject of circular Wayfarer journeys starting from Northwich – unfortunately the Northwich-Warrington bus is excluded (I know, I’ve tried it!) so the only way to/from Northwich on Wayfarer seems to be by the mid-Cheshire line.

  8. Harry Boardman Says:

    Fortunately I can use my concessionary bus pass for the Northwich – Warrington leg and the bus stop is only a five minute walk from my front door. Only use for the outgoing journey though as there are no toilets on busses and Wayfarer journeys are often used for “Real Ale,Rail Trail” trips.

  9. Black Five Says:

    Harry. Your advice is very useful. Whilst I have attained the age of a Railcard and a Senior Wayfarer, I am not at Bus Pass age. I do, however, make use of the good bus services around Northwich and can be recognised as one of the few that pay!

    There are two Warrington bus services – one departing Northwich Railway Station via Lostock and Antrobus. Do you think part of that service is covered by the Wayfarer?

  10. Jeff Says:

    Several years ago (circa 2001) I emailed both Warrington Borough Transport (now Network Warrington) and GMPTE (TfGM in today’s parlance) about the validity of Wayfarers between Northwich and Warrington.

    GMPTE said they were invalid as the route straddled the boundary, while Warrington Borough Transport, who actually operate the service, replied saying that they accept them on all of the routes they operate, including that one.

    Whether this remains the case, I don’t know and Network Warrington no longer mention the Wayfarer (or any TfGM product) on their website, so that gives no clues.

  11. Will Peters Says:

    For people who don’t live near a PayPoint outlet, the opportunity to buy their Wayfarer in advance at their convenience and then date it themselves when they want to travel is much more convenient than the new system, which requiures them to start their day’s excursion with a tedious walk to a Pay Point outlet for a valid-only-on-the-day-of-purchase ticket.

    The PayPoint option is OK for some people, but TfGM should reconsider its decision to phase out the type of ticket which can be bought now for future use.

  12. east cheshire man Says:

    I went into my local shop that has paypoint recently and asked for a wayfarer, this totaly confused them and I was told its not come to this area yet! we will have a word with the paypoint rep! I finished up buying one from the kiosk in northwich.

  13. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    I understand that the ticket appears on Paypoint machines as “TfGM Wayfarer” (presumably to make it easy to find!).

  14. east cheshire man Says:

    I presume that the tickets issued at paypoint centres will be for use on day of issue only? and not like the card ones where you can select the date of travel, by dating the card yourself.

  15. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    East Cheshire Man,

    You presume right but hopefully at some stage (possibly this September) you will be able to buy Wayfarers from conductors on trains as well as from station booking offices.

  16. The Chairman Says:

    I saw on Tuesday that Knutsford Station has started selling Wayfarers from their ticket machine printed on normal ticket stationery.

  17. east cheshire man Says:

    Having now read that Chester West & Chester Council is to close the travel information kiosks at Northwich, Watling St, and Chester and Ellesmere Port bus stations, it seems we will have to hunt out the new vending machines and Paypoint centres to purchase Wayfarer tickets.

  18. Diana Maddison Says:

    The wayfarer ticket is very good value if you can get hold of them! When we could buy the tickets in advance they were easy to obtain. Fortunately for me I managed to buy quite a few advance tickets to last me a while once I learnt that the system was changing. I live in East Lancs and am unable to buy them now. Our 2 local paypoint outlets do not sell them and so I am unable to purchase one on the day of travel as we do not have a train station where I live. I have to get a bus into Manchester for the nearest train station which is not cheap as I do not have a bus pass and I would use the wayfarer to get into Manchester, help! Please reinstate the advance ticket.

  19. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    I am told by a Northern Rail booking clerk that the Wayfarer ticket is now on the FASTIS ticket machines in booking offices so can be sold just like a normal rail ticket. So the problem of booking offices running out of the scratchcards is now a thing of the past. I now intend to find out if conductors can sell them………

  20. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    I have now spoken to a conductor on the line and he informed me that conductors can now sell Wayfarer tickets (both adult and senior) from their ticket machines.

  21. East cheshire man Says:

    My only problem is living in the congleton area a wayfarer ticket is valid from congleton on the Arriva bus service to macclesfield but wayfarers cannot be issued on the bus, however wayfarers are not valid from congleton rail station to macclesfield rail station, the boundary ending southbound at Macclesfield which is a little bit annoying that bus is valid but not easy to get a ticket and train not valid but tickets available from the conductor once at macclesfield!. I wonder why they have taken the decision to make congleton a bus only area?

  22. Conductor Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes we can although I’ve not seen anything official in notice cases yet but it’s called a “GM Wayfarer” if I recall correctly.

    There are still scratch cards been issued until I guess stock runs out.


  23. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    East cheshire man,

    You can buy Wayfarer tickets from Paypoint outlets (on day of travel only). You can find your nearest Paypoint by inputting your postcode into the Paypoint website:
    You need to ask for a “TfGM Wayfarer”.

    You could also presumably buy a Wayfarer from the booking office at Congleton or from the
    conductor if the booking office is closed and pay the difference from Congleton to Macclesfield.

  24. Macclesfield Pensioner Says:

    Having just used my last two wayfarers I waited ages in a queue at my local station to buy some more and was told they have changed and must be purchased on the day. The ability to purchase the Wayfarer ticket in advance and use when needed made travelling much less stressful. Now I can foresee having to arrive much earlier and hope to find a machine that works or wait in the queue in the hope the train does not depart before I can purchase my ticket. I am not used to using or evev knowing where Paypoint machines are to be found. From my perspective this is adding a totally unnecessary layer of complication to a system that worked well (apart from the printing glitch some time back!)

  25. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Macclesfield Pensioner,

    I am told that Manchester Piccadilly booking office still has the scratchcard version of the Wayfarer ticket (but not the over 60s version) including 2013 but no later. Manchester Victoria still has them up to and including 2014 but again they may have run out of the over-60s version. You can find your nearest shop with a Paypoint machine by entering your postcode into the Paypoint locator website at: http://www.paypoint.co.uk/paypointlocator. You need to ask for a “TfGM Wayfarer” when purchasing the ticket (it is listed under the “T”s rather than the “W”s).


  26. east Cheshire Man Says:

    For Macclesfield pensioner, try the council offices (CEC) in Macclesfield I purchased the scratch off ones from there last week but they are only dated for 2013.

  27. Alan Macc Says:

    I know that the Wayfarer is good value for money, but can you get an even better deal by paying for your wayfarer with a disabled persons railcard?

  28. Andrew Macfarlane Says:


    I’m afraid not. There are no railcard discounts on Wayfarers but anyone aged 60 or over can buy the £6 version.

  29. Alan Macc Says:

    Many thanks Andrew, I qualify for both a disabled railcard and an over 60,s Wayfarer. I will just have to see if the normal fare from Macclesfield to Manchester with a disabled railcard discount is cheaper than £6. Thanks for your reply. Alan

  30. east cheshireman Says:

    Visited Macclesfield information Centre yesterday. They have in stock the old type Wayfarers dated 2014 but only the Concessions variety.

  31. Kevrock Says:

    Confusion reigns in Leek over the Wayfarer ticket. Yesterday I tried to purchase one from Leek Tourist Information Centre as I have done without problem in the past.However I was informed that they no longer sold them and I would have to buy via a PayPoint outlet. I was given Bargain Booze and the Co-op as the locations in Leek selling Wayfarer tickets.But both these outlets were unable to sell me a Wayfarer. I am travelling later today by bus to Buxton and then onto Manchester Piccadilly to catch a tram to Eccles. Given that you cannot buy a Wayfarer on the bus I will have to pay the single bus fare and then wait until Buxton railway station to buy it – hopefully the ticket office can do that?

  32. Andrew Macfarlane Says:


    Wayfarer tickets should be able to be purchased from any Paypoint outlet within the area covered by the ticket (i.e. including those in Leek). The ticket is shown as “TfGM Wayfarer” on the Paypoint machines. I believe that rail stations still sell the scratchcard version. The ticket is also now in rail booking office and conductors’ ticket machines.

  33. east cheshireman Says:

    My friend is now aged 60 so I presume he quilifies for the over 60,s wayfarer, what additional proof of age would he need when purchasing and traveling on this type of concession ?

  34. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    East Cheshireman,

    Your friend does qualify to buy an over 60s Wayfarer. He may be asked to produce proof of age. Something with his date of birth on would be OK, e.g passport or driving licence.

  35. Brendon Says:

    RE Congleton Train Station (again)

    I am struggling to understand my Wayfarer option from Congleton.

    What logic was employed that overlooked Congleton Train Station being within the Wayfarer area, yet other towns that are further out from Manchester are included? This discrimination of Congleton is stifling.

    Can I confirm that I can board the Arriva bus from Congleton to Macclesfield and connect with the train on a Wayfarer ticket?

    To whom do we need to lobby to get inclusion of Congleton Train Station within the Wayfarer area?



  36. Jen Says:

    Hi Brendon,

    I have no idea why the bus and train boundaries are different for the Wayfarer ticket (Congleton isn’t the only town affected.) However, you are correct it is valid on the Arriva bus between Congleton and Macclesfield. However, be aware there’s some confusion about their acceptance on D&G Bus services – TfGM say they are accepted but D&G say they aren’t. The confusion might relate to D&G taking over Bakerbus operations a couple of years ago, as Bakerbus were a participating operator.

    Has anyone noticed if you take the Wayfarer map literally it implies the tickets are valid on the 289 bus route between Northwich and Pickmere and between Knutsford and Altrincham but not valid for the section between Pickmere, Tabley and Knutsford!

  37. Gavin Says:

    I have used a Wayfarer several times to travel by train to/from Congleton and points north, without any problem. I suspect the apparent anomaly may go back to the days when Congleton station was only served by Cross-Country trains. Now that the service is entirely Northern, they seem to be accepted.

  38. Brendon Says:

    Good to hear Gavin. Thank you.

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