Chester Station footbridge finished ….

Posted on May 20th, 2013, by The Chairman

Here’s some pictures Sally’s taken recently of the completed refurbished footbridge at Chester Station.

m_April 2013 307

m_April 2013 308

m_April 2013 309

m_April 2013 310

Look’s very good indeed. A great refurbishment very tastefully done retaining lots of characher.

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  1. Music Fan Says:

    Well worth the wait and very encouraging that they’ve have managed to make it a glass-sided overbridge.

    The challenge was to make both sides cleanable and if you study the glass panels it looks as though this is to be done by sliding them to one side for that purpose by way of tracking in the ceiling.

  2. Simon Barber Says:

    Agreed, the glass footbridge is so much better than horrid opaque panels. Just think of the monstrosity at Oxford Road station, totally opaque yet still built from glass. That one could have been so much better, and this one is.

  3. Roger Davey Says:

    I agree that a great job has been done with the bridge. Its just a shame that the same respect wasn’t paid to the stairs on either side. The red hand rails just look so cheap and nasty that is spoils all the good design that’s gone into the new staircase to platform 7 and the bridge itself.

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