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Posted on November 30th, 2013, by The Chairman

Mike Battman writes ….

Navigation Road has received its ‘smart readers’ as the countdown to using smart ticketing in Greater Manchester continues with more than 350 of these new devices being installed across the Metrolink network. As yet Altrincham has not had theirs installed.

131124 Navi Rd Card Reader (1)

Passengers can pre-register their interest in the “get me there” scheme online at the new getmethere website, ensuring they stay up to date and know as soon as get me there is ready for them.

Some passengers could be using their existing concessionary passes to travel on trams as soon as spring next year, with other Metrolink customers scheduled to roll out by Autumn 2014.

131124 Navi Rd Card Reader (2)

Over half a million Greater Manchester commuters already have get me there-ready smart cards in their pocket in the shape of an over-60s bus pass or an under-16s igo pass. It is these over-60s pass holders who will be the first to start using their cards on Metrolink when the first phase of the rollout starts in spring.

Season ticket holders will be next to come on board when existing passengers will be invited to switch from the current paper-based system and start using the new “get me there” smart cards. Also, less frequent travellers will be able to buy travel credit; a ‘pot’ of money to use for individual journeys which is stored on the new-style travelcards, which we are promised will be better-value versions of the currently available Metrolink season tickets.

Passengers will be able to buy their travel credit and travelcards online at the “get me there” website, as well as managing their get me there account. They’ll also be able to buy credit and travelcards at Metrolink ticket machines, which will be having a ‘smart upgrade’ in the New Year.

The final stage of the Metrolink rollout will be when contactless bank cards are accepted by “get me there” later in 2014.

Bus passengers will start to see the benefits in 2015 and heavy rail is due to happen after that. Currently it is only planned for the Greater Manchester area.


Here are some pictures Mike Battman took on 22 December of the recently installed get me there readers at Altrincham.

The “Get Me There” Card readers have appeared, wall mounted as opposed to on a pole.

131222 Alty Int (11)

131222 Alty Int (12)


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  1. Brian O’Hara Says:

    Reading the notice about the smart readers at Navigation Road station, you say that holders of the concessionery travel cards will be the first to use the smart readers. Does this mean that we, free bus card holders, will have to swipe our cards before boarding a tram? I am aware that we do swipe on some buses but not on other bus companies.

  2. Mike Battman Says:

    Brian, yes you will have to swipe in and out when you get on the tram.
    The buses will follow later, when the card readers have been fitted (presumably in the buses)

  3. The Chairman Says:

    Mike Battman has sent in some pictures of the new readers installed at Altincham.

    I’ve added them to the post, above.

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