Metrolink works for the rest of October 2014 ….

Posted on October 13th, 2014, by The Chairman

Planned works on Metrolink during rest of October: Altrincham to City Centre.

Check with Metrolink before travel at weekends:

Saturday 18 October 2014

No trams Bury or Central Park to City Centre.

Tram services will operate:
•Altrincham to Piccadilly (likely to be a double tram every 12minutes)
•Altrincham to Etihad Campus
•Ashton-Under-Lyne to Eccles via MediaCityUK
•East Didsbury to Piccadilly
•Rochdale to Central Park

Bus replacement service will operate:
•Central Park to Piccadilly
•Bury to Piccadilly

Sunday 19 October 2014

A bus replacement service will be in operation between Altrincham and Timperley before 9am.

Tram services will operate:
•Timperley to Piccadilly (until 9am ONLY)
•Altrincham to Piccadilly (after 9am ONLY)
•Ashton-Under-Lyne to Eccles via MediaCityUK
•East Didsbury to Piccadilly
•Rochdale Town Centre to Westwood

Bus replacement services will operate:
•Altrincham to Timperley (until 9am ONLY)
•Bury to Piccadilly
•Westwood to Piccadilly

Sunday 26 October 2014

A bus replacement service will operate between Altrincham and Timperley all day.

Tram Services will operate
•Ashton-Under-Lyne to Eccles via MediaCityUK
•Bury to Timperley
•East Didsbury to Rochdale Town Centre

Replacement Bus Services will operate Altrincham to Timperley.

Also on Sunday 26 October 2014, Network Rail will be carrying out work on the Mid Cheshire Line and a revised timetable will be in operation.

Trains will be replaced by buses between Stockport and Greenbank – click here to download details.

Also, the 0728 Chester to Stockport service is running as a bus from Chester to Stockport and the 2120 Manchester Piccadilly to Chester running as a bus throughout.

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  1. Paul w Says:

    Looks like the closure on 26 October is to allow the removal of the old footbridge

  2. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    In that case the new footbridge will need to be brought into use unless they just plan to transfer the connection to the overhead in platforms 1 and 2 to the new overhead support and remove the section of the existing footbridge between platforms 1 and 2.

  3. Mike Battman Says:

    There does seem to be a lot to do to hit the 26th October. They have less than 2-weeks to complete the new footbridge and the accesses to it on all 3-platforms. The lifts are not yet fitted.
    However, I suppose we don’t have lifts now so the existing conditions could remain until they are fitted and commissioned in the new bridge.
    It is also possible that they just remove the bridge over the metro lines on the 26th.
    The bus station appears almost finished too.

    All will be revealed, sounds like a day to head down with my camera

  4. Simon Barber Says:

    Stockport to Greenbank is a very long bus substitution, needlessly so if the Altrincham footbridge is the only work scheduled on 26th. Is there something else happening, e.g. the work on Northwich viaduct, to need buses as far as Greenbank?

  5. Jen Says:

    Simon: I think Greenbank and Altrincham are the only two places they can turn around trains between Stockport and Chester, given the turnback facilities that once existed at Knutsford have gone.

  6. Andrew Macfarlane Says:


    There are also crossovers at Hale, Plumley West and Northwich (they are turning trains round at Northwich on Sundays 2nd and 9th November).


  7. Paul w Says:

    There are notices up at Altrincham saying the new footbridge will open on Sunday 19th October.
    There is advice for wheelchair users pending the introduction of the new lifts.

    The Overhead on Platform one is disconnected from the old bridge but that for platform two is still connected.

  8. Paul w Says:

    First/last trams from Monday 20 October
    Final testing on the new Metrolink line to Manchester Airport starts on Monday 20 October and will bring changes to first and last trams across the network.
    Details of how first / last tram times are changing from starting points on the network are given at .
    Full details for specific stops will be available from Sunday 19th evening. (hope the next bit isn’t mangled on publishing!)

    First / Last tram Monday to Thursday: Friday/Saturday: Sunday:

    From Altrincham to city 05:53 / 23:53 05:53 / 00:41 06:59 / 22:59
    No change was 01:17 was 23:14

    St Peters Square to Altrincham
    06:01 / 23:49 06:01 / 00:49; 07:01 / 22:46
    No change No change Was 06:52 / 22:46

    Airport line timetable will be available on the north west journey planner
    Put MET6 in the bus route number

  9. Paul w Says:

    Yes it was mangled – website doesn’t like tables!
    so try again:

    inbound to city –
    No change to first trams Mon – Sun
    No change to last trams Mon to Thurs; Friday / Saturday last tram now 0041 was 0117. Sunday last tram now 2259 was 2314.

    outbound from St Peters Sq
    No changes to first tram Mon – Sat : Sunday now 0701 was 0652.
    No changes to last tram Mon – Sunday

  10. Paul w Says:

    Further to the changes to tram times, it appears that trams operating out to Altrincham at the beginning of service operate out of service: thus as above the first tram to Altrincham departs St Peter’s Sq at 0601 M-S and 0701 on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Thus there are no trams arriving in service at Altrincham until 0625 M-S and 0725 on Sundays.
    Previously trams have operated in service to Altrincham at the start of the day to take up service.

    Similarly, trams at the end of the day are travelling out of service from Altrincham back towards the city.Thus the last tram is earlier than previously – on Fri Sat and Sunday.

  11. Andrew Macfarlane Says:


    The last tram from Altrincham is now actually later than previously. It is at 00.17 on Monday to Thursday nights terminating at Old Trafford (see timetable MET3 on the Traveline North West Journey Planner). The Friends of Altrincham Interchange asked for this change so that passengers from Knutsford have a Metrolink connection when (every six weeks) the last train from Knutsford to Manchester is replaced by buses, one of which starts from Knutsford at 23.30 and gets to Altrincham around midnight or just after.


  12. Paul w Says:

    Strange that Metrolink aren’t publicising this on their website …. !
    Perhaps there are more trams after the 2353 that go as far as Old Trafford back to the depot
    but then there is no connection further at that time of night.

    There are arrivals at Altrincham upto 0013 Mon – Thurs and 0113 Fri / Sat

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