North of England rail services: Busting the myths ….

Posted on October 19th, 2014, by The Chairman

Campaign for Better Transport has released a briefing entitled “North of England rail services: Busting the myths”.

Well worth a read.

There’s some interesting “myths” discussed in here, including:

– “The north’s railways are heavily subsidised”. This depends how you work the sums out …. Assuming the same train track access charge for a single car 153 running round the Cumbrian Coast at 60mph, as for an 11-car Pendolino hammering down to London at 125mph is a strange way to cost things.

– “Service cuts and fare increases will pay for other improvements”. Really! How?

– “Rail travel in the north is slow-growing”. Someone must be looking through the wrong end of their binoculars!”

– “There’s a plan to replace the Pacers”. It must be a very quiet plan. We’ve seen none.

– “We should cut services at stations with low passenger numbers”. When you look at the detail, there are good reasons for low passenger numbers at many of these stations. For example the atricous level of services provided at stations between Ellesmere Port and Helsby, and also at stations like Reddish South between Stockport to Stalybridge.

See what you think.

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