Bye, Bye old Alty footbridge ….

Posted on October 26th, 2014, by The Chairman

Pictures from today courtesy of Mike Battman, taken around 8.30am.

m_141026 Alty Int (4)

m_141026 Alty Int (9)

m_141026 Alty Int (11)

m_141026 Alty Int (15)

m_141026 Alty Int (16)

m_141026 Alty Int (18)

m_141026 Alty Int (21)

m_141026 Alty Int (24)

m_141026 Alty Int (25)

Thanks, Mike!

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  1. Andrew Malloy Says:

    Any idea what will happen to the old bridge. Surely not scrap is 134 years old.

  2. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    The bridge was offered to the “rail heritage sector” but there were no takers. Of course it wasn’t actually a complete bridge because the steps at each end were actually inside buildings. Network Rail confirmed that the bridge had 35 years’ life left in it. This is TfGM’s take on the removal of the bridge:

    So at least the archaeologists examined the bridge for posterity. The new bridge is supposed to line up with the long-planned but not-so-far-started Altair development behind platform 4, which the old bridge did not line up with (allegedly). Whether Altair evers happens remains to be seen.

  3. Vince Chadwick Says:

    I used it today. So far it can only be accessed from platforms 1 and 4. To get from, say, platform 3 from platform 4 involves crossing to platform 1 on the new footbridge, then walking to the Hale end around the bay platform lines, and back up platform 3.

    Anyone know when access from platforms 2 and 3 will be granted?

  4. Mike Battman Says:

    I don’t think it will be too long, Vince.

    I understand the old stairs (that were in the way of the new stairs on platform 2/3) have gone, so I think they just have to get rid of the footings and make good.
    It’ll be next year before the lifts are commissioned though.

  5. Peter Says:

    With the stairs inside buildings rather than part of the bridge itself, I guess Norton (no) Bridge isn’t an option…

  6. Crossman Says:

    Is there now a safe crossing for wheelchairs and pushchairs which doesn’t require the (often non existant) staff to unlock a gate?

  7. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Only when the lifts are commissioned, which we are told will be early next year.

  8. Mike Battman Says:

    The Bus station opens this Sunday at 7:00am…

  9. Harry Boardman Says:

    Somebody in TfGM needs to brush up on their spelling. Where are Bowden Vale and Halebarns?
    It was Bowdon Vale and Hale Barns when I was at school and to the best of my knowledge it still is.

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