Stockport Rail Strategy includes Mid Cheshire ….

Posted on January 24th, 2015, by The Chairman

Stockport Council has recently published its Rail Strategy.

Stockport Rail Strategy – January 2015

Of particular note to us along the Mid Cheshire Line are parts of section 5 (Metrolink and Tram-Train), including ….

“This (the Stockport West) group of routes would utilise the Stockport – Altrincham railway line west of Stockport Town Centre, which would be restored to a double-track formation with new stops being added in residential areas. A new section of Metrolink route would be created from Stockport Interchange to the start of the Stockport – Altrincham railway line immediately south of Edgeley Junction. That would include a new stop adjacent to Stockport Station, fulfilling a long-held aspiration to provide a direct public transport link between Stockport Station and Stockport Interchange.”


“A Stockport – Altrincham service would connect residential areas on the Stockport – Altrincham corridor with both of their main local centres. The residential areas expected to benefit from new stops include Adswood, Cheadle Heath, Cheadle, and Gatley. The service would also improve the link between Altrincham and Stockport and its onward inter-urban rail connections.

In the short term, prior to the provision of Metrolink (TramTrain? – ed.) services, it is recommended that improved rail services along the Chester – Stockport line (increase to 2tph) are investigated. If those service improvements are implemented, there will be an opportunity to prepare business cases for potential new stations at both Cheadle and Baguley.”

Stockport Council are members of the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership and work closely with them. They are au fait with the 2 trains an hour proposal for the Mid Cheshire Line supported by us and the CRP, and also now by the Chester & Warrington Local Transport Body. Making it easier for those in Mid Cheshire to get to Stockport, Cheadle and Baguley (for Wythenshawe and Manchester Airport) and vice versa will, we know, be seen as an generator for the local economy by others as well as Stockport Council.

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  1. Jen Says:

    It doesn’t seem that Stockport council are supportive of the additional Mid-Cheshire train continuing to Manchester Piccadilly. They are suggesting 4tph between Hazel Grove and Manchester, which seems over the top considering current off-peak loadings. I recall when Network Rail proposed terminating Mid-Cheshire services at Stockport to free up paths for more Intercity trains the move was opposed by Cheshire County Council, Trafford Council and Manchester City Council but Stockport Council submitted a response saying they were in favour of it.

  2. Simon Barber Says:

    I’m afraid I am less positive than our chairman about this. I do not see how a tram-train running on the existing route between Stockport and Alrincham with at least 4 new station stops could do anything but slow down our service to Manchester still further; and if, as Stockport Council’s document says, it is actually Metrolink (trams like today’s) instead of tram-trains, then our services would be unable to continue from Altrincham to Stockport or Manchester at all. I think the CRP should seek urgent clarification from its member, Stockport Council, about how their proposals would affect the Mid Cheshire line. However, if we could persuade Stockport Council (and others) to bang the drum for the Airport-Mobberley spur to be built at the same time, then we might gain a new, faster route to Manchester and could contemplate handing over the Stockport-Altrincham line to Metrolink. We would leave it to others to work out how freight trains could continue to run over the route!

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