Metrolink online timetable changes ….

Posted on January 25th, 2016, by The Chairman

Despite Metrolink insisting they run their trams to a frequency and not to a timetable, the North West journey planner has Metrolink timetables available which were available using the “bus numbers” MET1 to MET6.

With the changes to the network diagram to a single colour (to assist those with impaired colour recognition), with end of routes marked with coloured letters the on-line timetables have been revised.

A – Altrincham – Manchester – Etihad Campus *
B – Altrincham – Deansgate – Castlefield
C – Bury – Manchester – East Didsbury *
D – Bury – Piccadilly
E – Eccles – MediaCityUK – Piccadilly *
F – Manchester Airport – Cornbrook *
G – Rochdale Town Centre – Ashton-under-Lyne
H – Shaw and Crompton – Exchange Square
J – Ashton under Lyne – Victoria

Go to Traveline North West and put the appropriate letter in the “Bus number” box and press “search” to get the full timetable used for journey planning.

1. Not all routes operate all day / everyday: Routes marked * operate every day from first tram to last tram of the day.
2. These route letters do not appear on the actual trams despite the Northern “continuing your journey” posters at Victoria telling passengers to get tram D G or J to get to Piccadilly!

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