Altrincham Interchange – Unfinished Business (2) ….

Posted on May 22nd, 2016, by The Chairman

Following on from the Blog post we produced in September 2015, I visited Altrincham in February 2016 together with the “Friends of Altrincham Interchange” to gain an update on progress with the Interchange. (I often pass through Altrincham on the train from Mobberley, though rarely leave the train there).

I produced a report on its then status “Altrincham Interchange Development” considering the full customer experience from the Altrincham town side through to the area outside platform 4.

I provided my report to a number of people and organisations including Network Rail, Northern Rail and TfGM.

Since then I have had a number of emails, and subsequently a formal response from Dr Jon Lamonte, Head of TfGM.

I’ve let all that I circulated know that I intend to update my report 6 months after I produced the last one, i.e. this coming August.

Hopefully, my updated report will read rather better.

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  1. judie collins Says:

    Friends of Altrincham Interchange discussed whether we should continue meeting with separate organisations, i.e. Northern, TfGM (Metrolink), TfGM (Bus Station), also CRP (Sally), or push for integrated management. I have also met with RATP Dev (Metrolink) and certain issues are Network Rail.

    This leads us back to the non integrated running of the Interchange.

    The lifts are still erratic, the toilets continue to shut on a regular basis (the latest notice says vandalism) and although John’s excellent report has been responded to at high level nothing seems to be moving forward.

    It isn’t very good value for £19M plus spend.

  2. Derrick Murdie Says:

    Over the years I have made several comments to friends about the state of Altrincham Station.

    The one that most concerns me is that the staircases from the bridge to Platforms 1 and 4 are wide enough for four people to walk down side by side. If one of the central two were to trip they would have nothing to stop themselves going headfirst to the bottom of the flight. Staircases of this width need a central handrail such as have been installed very recently at Manchester Victoria and also between the bus station and the tram at Manchester Airport.

    I pointed this out to the project engineer in the first week that the bridge was open and he said that it had been noted.
    Nothing has yet been done to remedy the situation.

    Also, indicators from Timperley to Altrincham have had power on for a couple of months but have yet to display any useful information. Test messages have been seen on them.

  3. Edd Says:

    Earlier in the year when I had to get a suitcase from one side of Altrincham interchange to the other all the lifts were out-of-order!

    However, there’s some good news regarding a bus service out of Altrincham Interchange. From next Monday they’ll be a faster service between Altrincham and the Trafford Centre and for most of the day the buses will connect reasonably well with Chester to Altrincham trains. PlusBus tickets, which can be purchased for £3.70 when you buy a train ticket to Altrincham, will be valid on the service. The timetable is available on the TfGM website –

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