Greater Manchester / Merseyside – Travel Updates ….

Posted on June 3rd, 2016, by The Chairman

David Miller writes ….

“I don’t know whether this is common knowledge (it wasn’t to me – Ed.)

“TfGM and Merseytravel both offer a subscription to a weekly email giving news of transport changes by all modes in the coming week. These are very handy for an overview of the situation, bus alterations and news of big disruptions. Useful if you want to avoid football crowds, political demonstrations, big concerts, etc.

“The TfGM link is not easy to find. Go to or go to the home page and wait for a picture on the right to change to an invitation to subscribe.

“Merseytravel is much easier. Just click on travel updates on their home page.”

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  1. David Miller Says:

    Do TfGM read our Blog? It’s at the top of their home page now!

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