High Speed Stockport. STAND WELL BACK! ….

Posted on June 17th, 2016, by The Chairman

The train now passing platform 2 at Stockport ….

SPT 20160616_212859

…. would probably come off the track on the pointwork at the south end of the platform if it were doing 125mph.

Fortunately, the drivers haven’t spotted this notice.

According to the Sectional Appendices, the line speed through platform 2 is 25mph (90mph up to the pointwork prior to platform and 40mph over the points at the south end of platform 2).

However, it’s Virgin. Never let the facts get in the way of a good bit of marketing ….


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  1. RB Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Last couple of times I’ve been at Stockport I’ve noticed staff being very proactive about making passengers stand behind the yellow warning lines on the platforms as trains roll in.

  2. Mike Battman Says:

    Is it not just freight and empty carriage service that do not stop at Stockport?

    I thought there was something in the granting of permission for the station that said all trains must call there…or has Virgin managed to overturn that?

  3. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, MIke,

    Yes, it was changed, but actually BR ran a Piccadilly-Birmingham InterCity Cross Country service prior to that which passed through Stockport non-stop, I think it was the 1515. Not realising, I was on it one day going to Stockport, ending up at Macclesfield, running over the bridge and jumping straight on a Class 87-hauled service from London, going straight back to Stockport and still got to my meeting in Stockport only about 5 minutes late.

  4. Simon Barber Says:

    There is at least one train a day which runs non-stop through Stockport now. The 07.48 Buxton-Piccadilly makes no station calls between Hazel Grove and Piccadilly. I’ve been on it and it feels very odd to trundle through Stockport (max 25mph!) without calling. If only Knutsford (or Altrincham) could have a morning peak service like this!

  5. Richard Boyd Says:

    I really think Virgin and Network Rail have taken leave of their senses at Stockport, as this photo of a set of steps protected by a lockable gate at the end of the bay platform shows:


    I can only assume they’re trying to stop passengers wondering onto the track as thy play Pokémon Go.

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