Music Train to Chester on 13 July 2016 – feedback ….

Posted on July 21st, 2016, by The Chairman

Gill Homan, the co-ordinator for the Hale and District U3A provides this report from their “private” music train. Thanks, Gill.

“Thirty nine intrepid Hale and District U3A jazz aficionados boarded the Music Train to Chester. It was crowded, there were buggies; there were cyclists with serious bikes; there was even a contingent of brownies set on a cycle in Delamere Forest. But nowhere was there room for our musicians to play.

“Luckily within a few stops the cyclists departed and our intrepid host Judie had chivvied us all into the forward carriage where there was plenty of room for our musicians – The Murray String Quartet. This was no mean feat as most of us were already tucking into our nibbles and Sauvignon Blanc.

“After this shaky start the evening went with a swing. The transport to and from Alexander’s ran like clockwork; the band at the club, The Ed Watts Band were great and the sausage and mash supper went down well with all.

“So it was a tired but happy group that returned to Hale at 11.45pm, already looking forward to our next jaunt in August.”

Well done to Gill, Mike Ross our Music Trains organiser, Judie Collins who kindly stepped in at short notice to be our host and to the Northern staff. And they’re going to do it all again.


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