Mid Cheshire (Middlewich) Rail Link – New Business Proposal launched ….

Posted on September 25th, 2016, by The Chairman

On 1 September a new Business Proposal for the Mid Cheshire Rail Link was launched.

We think it’s very good indeed.

It runs to 37 pages and is to be read in conjunction with the previous Chapman (2000) and Railway Consultancy (2009) reports. You can download it here.

The reinvigorated Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign chaired by Stephen Dent, with Samantha Moss as Secretary and with representatives from Knutsford and Northwich Town Councils, as well as MCRUA is to be congratulated on this excellent next step in the campaign.

We have already seen renewed interest, including from the National Press.

Middlewich is a town bigger than Knutsford (which has over 500,000 passengers a year), and for Knutsford, Northwich and Middlewich to have access to mainline trains via Crewe, rather than having to go all the way round via Chester or Stockport, will really help to assist to “grease the wheels” of the local economy.

Further, there is serious traffic congestion on the A556 around Gadbrook Park as the thousands of workers there arrive and leave by car. There are outline plans to double the size of the estate. The Mid Cheshire Rail Link runs alongside the Park. The new Business Proposal includes building a station there.

The next meeting of the Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign is on Tuesday 27 September at 8pm in the large room at the back of the Boars Head Pub in Middlewich, very close to the site of the old station. You’re very welcome to join us.

As they say, “Watch this Space”, and lobby hard for us all.

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  1. Stephen Dent Says:

    Please note the next MCRL Campaign meeting is Tuesday 27th September and not Monday, 26th stated above.

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Whoops! Thanks, Stephen. I’ll alter the Blog Post now.

    Best wishes,


  3. Watcherzero Says:

    You have a couple of months to really push this project.

    My understanding is Rail North/Transport for the North is going to be making an initial joint submission with Network Rail to ORR of around 132 projects they would like to do during CP6 and the near future as part of their work to get a multi billion pound settlement from Government for rail devolution. These wont all be fully developed, costed and business case supported projects due to the tight timescale of the PR18 review and fact the NR North of England route study wont be completed till after the national review, but in this PR18 review ORR is proposing moving to a looser structure than PR13/CP5 where rather than approving every single project at the start even before they are fully costed (with Government demanding a few last minute ones which went way way over budget) they will instead give Network Rail a settlement based on the funding required to maintain the status quo and deal with organic growth/bottlenecks and instead separately give approval and funding to infrastructure expansions on a individual basis as and when they are fully developed and costed and ready for final approval.

    You can read more here:

  4. Janusz Pustówka Says:

    As a Sandbach resident who works in Middlewich and Gadbrook Park I can think of nothing better than a local rail link.I already plan my Manchester airport flights around rail timetables to avoid roads.

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