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Posted on November 10th, 2016, by The Chairman

Paul Wilkinson writes ….

Welcome news.

As from last Monday, the Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) are now showing realtime departure information at Altrincham, Navigation Road and Timperley Metrolink stops.

These display units were installed many years ago, but problems of interfacing with Network Rail have meant they weren’t in use when all the other stops on the Altrincham tram line were. They still don’t show on the large display board in Altrincham bus station. Also, the PID on platform 2 at Altrincham is not powered up.

You can also link to the PIDs using the website beta.tfgm.com which allows realtime tram information to be accessed by smartphone or computer. Click on the tram symbol and then input the tram stop name and you will see the next few trams leaving that tram stop.

In due course this will also show realtime bus information.

If you look at Timperley tram stop, the tram details should be paired if a normal service is in operation, e.g. a double tram to Altrincham should meet a double tram towards the city. A single tram to the city is pared with a single tram to Altrincham within a couple of minutes as the trams cross at the entrance to the single line south of the tram stop. If they are not paired, then trams are out of sync!

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  1. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    The display units were installed in August 2009. The ones at Navigation Road show the next three trams in each direction.

  2. Bob Warren Says:

    Some of the bus times are listed as live on the new tfgm site, whilst some are listed as timetabled.
    It appears to be only the First buses that have the live data.

  3. Bob Warren Says:

    I’ve had a bit more of a dig about and you can add “Bus Favourites” to the home page, which could be quite handy. I can’t see how/if you can do it for tram or rail which is disappointing.

  4. LisaH Says:

    The departure boards are great – or would be if they weren’t misleading!

    I thought the last tram from Navigation Road to Timperley was about midnight [I’m sure it was in the summer) and got off the train from Stockport to see trams showing in 9 minutes and 29 minutes. After waiting in the cold for a while and seeing a couple of trams go through as ‘not in service’ I checked the posters and realised that I HAD missed the last tram. [Do they run later in the summer?]

  5. Watcherzero Says:

    They run an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights and finish an hour an a quarter earlier on Sunday/BH. So you may have confused the weekend end of service for mid week end of service time.

  6. LisaH Says:

    I am beginning to doubt my own memory – but I have previously been able to get a tram from Navigation Road to Timperley having got off the last train on a Thursday. Last Summer, the trams used to go back to Victoria as passenger-carrying services – now they go back empty. So they did go back later on Monday-Thursday

  7. Bob Warren Says:

    Had a check this morning and the departure boards look to replicate the times displayed at the stops. I’ve also started using the train departure boards that you can now filter and favourite. It’s actually quite well done!!!

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