Everything you know about train fares is wrong! ….

Posted on December 22nd, 2016, by The Chairman

It’s the time of year in the run up to Christmas and New Year when the press run out of good stories.

Then along come the main annual train fares rises.

This is when we are reminded yet again that train fares in Britain are the most expensive in the world.

Or are they? ….

Here’s a 2015 article on the subject from CityMetric, an arm of the New Stateman launched in 2014 as an “urbanism” magazine site.

It makes quite refreshing reading, especially when compared to the usual drivel that much of the national press produces on the subject.

See what you think?

There are also links to other interesting articles including following a Virgin Trains West Coast driver on a day run from Euston.

Best wishes to you all for the festive season and 2017 from MCRUA Committee members and our hard working Community Rail Officer, Sally Buttifant.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Train fares in the UK are inconsistent. However, the same is true in other countries e.g. the cost of a ticket between Munich Airport and Munich city centre is eye watering compared to equivalent journeys in other German cities. Other countries with heavily subsided fares have seen big increases in recent years e.g. a single ticket in the Rome Metropolitan area was 1 Euro a few years ago but it was increased to 1 Euro 50 – still excellent value for money but a 50% fare increase.

    I recently saw a post on a forum where someone complaining about Londoners being ripped off gave an example of New Southgate to Moorgate (15 miles) going up to £8.70 for an Anytime Return. I guess they’d like to move north and instead pay £10.50 for an Anytime Return between Greenbank and Chester!

  2. Simon Barber Says:

    Or how about Northwich to Sale, which is 15.5 miles and costs £12.60 for an Anytime Return and it’s not even a through train service any more!

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