Have you seen our new tickets? BIG!! ….

Posted on December 30th, 2016, by The Chairman

For those who haven’t seen them yet ….


…. they’re there on the counter below Cheryl at a very festive Knutsford station.

It seems the credit card sized tickets from the AVantix portable machines are being replaced.

Above are 4 of the new style SINGLES from Knutsford to Mobberley bought from a conductor.

If they were returns, they’d be twice as long.

If bought using a payment card, longer still!

The old ones were credit card size like this.



They’re being replaced with these from the new portable machines.


Do we fold them up, curl them up or what as we move between trains?

I doubt if it’s because of the QR (Quick Recognition) Code on the ticket. The reason I picked the top example is that it was issued in Edinburgh Waverley to go through the QR-enabled barriers there.

The conductors tell me they really like the new ticket machines compared to the old ones, but the printing takes an absolute age.

I hear there are to be software changes during January.

So, if you want a ticket this big for your collection, you may need to be quick!

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