Parking restrictions set to be enforced around Hartford Station ….

Posted on March 7th, 2017, by The Chairman

Harry Boardman reports that it seems parking restrictions are to be enforced around Hartford Station, as noted in the Northwich Guardian.

According to the Northwich Guardian, the Chairman of Hartford Parish Council says there are always parking places at Hartford Station, it’s just that the users don’t want to pay to park there.

However, rail users say the car park is regularly full.

The nearby station at Acton Bridge suffers similarly. The car park there is usually full. It was reduced in size “temporarily” in 1996 to provide space for equipment as part of the then West Coast Modernisation Plan. However, Network Rail have not given the space back, and the Train Operating Company, London Midland have shown little interest of doing anything at this, their most Northerly station.

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  1. tim wood Says:

    Rail is a very efficient form of public transport but unless you live near a station it is seldom a practical one. People are expected to work all over the “Powerhouse” region but there is no simple way to get from Knutsford to Liverpool without driving there.

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