MCRUA meets Rail Minister! ….

Posted on September 5th, 2017, by The Chairman

Our new Tatton MP, Esther McVey arranged for Rail Minister, Paul Maynard to meet with MCRUA and others last Thursday morning.

The meeting lasted for over an hour.

The main topics covered were the Mid Cheshire Rail Link and the Airport Western Link.

Those attending the meeting with Paul and his assistant from the DfT were:

Esther McVey, MP for Tatton
Angela McPake, Tatton Constituency Secretary
Simon Barber, our Treasurer and member of The Mid Cheshire Development Board
Henry Brooks, Founder, Tatton Estate Management
Sally, our Community Rail Officer
Quentin Naylor, MBE, Group People Director with The Hut Group, Gadbrook Park, and
John Oates (me) as Chairman of MCRUA.

Paul gave a good introduction to the development of rail projects, then turning to these two. He is locally born and bred and indeed used the Mid Cheshire Link to commute from home to school. Simon responded on behalf of MCRUA. There followed a detailed discussion about the hurdles we seem to have to go through, often again and again, and especially the difficulty with the benefits of these schemes not being within any one local authority or Local Enterprise Partnership area.

We feel the meeting was useful, not only for the guidance received, but also in further raising the profile of these schemes. In our view each has a business case that stands in its own right, and if put together the business case becomes even stronger.

After the meeting, Esther arranged for a video to be published on youtube. You can view it here.

The follow up is that the rest of us will be meeting again soon, including those from The Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign to progress both schemes further.

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  1. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Was there any discussion of the May 2018 timetable? Also I think Paul Maynard used the Mid Cheshire Line to get to and from school.

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Andrew,

    The meeting concentrated on the Mid Cheshire Rail Link and the Airport Western Link, with nothing else covered.

    Yes, Paul commuted to Hale to school. He told us about fond memories of the scenery along the line whilst he worked on his homework.


  3. Jen Says:

    Well the latest ORR figures (released today) suggest demand for rail services in Mid-Cheshire is continuing to rise. Most Mid-Cheshire line stations have seem an increase in journeys with 3 exceptions – 2 of those seeing a very slight drop in usage but Mobberley seeing a more significant drop in usage. I wonder if the improved reliability of the 88 bus service has affected Mobberley’s rail usage? Altrincham and Lostock Gralam have recorded significant increases in usage, although I suspect the latter might be down to a certain money saving ticketing trick!

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