With combined delays of 14-years, why are Greater Manchester’s rail upgrade projects now so off-track? ….

Posted on January 23rd, 2018, by The Chairman

A well-researched article from the Manchester Evening News spotted by Paul Wilkinson – With combined delays of 14-years, why are Greater Manchester’s rail upgrade projects now so off-track?

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  1. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    A couple of errors in the article. Oxford Road station did not open in 1960 (it opened in 1849). Also electrification between Victoria and Stalybridge will not be completed in May 2018. The electrification from Victoria will only extend a far as Bromley Street (Miles Platting).

  2. Jen Says:

    So is there a risk of Mid-Cheshire improvements being postponed again?

    It’s also rumoured Porterbrook won’t be able to produce bi-mode versions of the 319s in time for the May 2018 timetable change and Northern’s plan relied on those being in service.

  3. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Jen, All should become clear fairly soon when the May 2018 timetable is fixed in stone. It appears that TPE will probably be making their changes from May 2018 in terms of diverting the Airport-Newcastle and Middlesbrough services via the Ordsall chord and diverting the Liverpool-Scarbourgh service via Victoria so the paths should be available for the 2tph service on the Mid Cheshire LIne. It’s just a question of whether sufficient diesel units will be available.

  4. Simon Barber Says:

    Assuming TPE go ahead with those diversions (in particular the Liverpool-Scarborough) then Northern will be obliged to start their Liverpool-Warrington-Manchester Airport service in order not to reduce the service on the CLC route. That will be another priority call on Northern’s DMU fleet, just like the Bolton corridor service. This is looking difficult. I hope the public know to blame Network Rail for the stock shortage, not Northern, if it comes to pass. But why are we always in a blame game? When will Network Rail deliver something on time?

  5. Jen Says:

    Northern will reportedly have around 20 extra DMUs over what they had at the December 2017 timetable change by May. While they’ll need additional sets for Liverpool to Manchester Airport and the loan of the 185s from TPE to Northern will end, Northern will require fewer units on Huddersfield area services due to the North TPE enhancements. So overall they’ll definitely have diesel units available for improved services on at least some routes but the question is how many routes and if they can’t deliver improvements on all routes which were set to get them, which routes will get their improvements postponed.

  6. Watcherzero Says:

    They are still down the diesels that would have been freed operating the Bolton line with electrics.
    Its looking like they will try to run everything electric they can through North Western, run the Cumbrian services via Bolton terminating in Victoria instead of Airport/Piccadilly, hold on to the 323’s and holdoff joining the Alderley Edge/Wigan service yet so that it can continue to be operated half by electrics and half by diesels.

  7. Jen Says:

    The 323s were set to stay until the first batch of 331s entered service (late 2018/early 2019.) The reason Alderley Edge and some Crewe services were set to lose their 323s in May was that some were set to be used on Macclesfield to Blackpool services (via Bolton) and the Crewe-Airport-Piccadilly services were set to run as through services to Liverpool (via Chat Moss.)

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