Virgin Trains scraps its Friday afternoon peak restrictions from Euston ….

Posted on November 5th, 2018, by The Chairman

Paul Wilkinson writes ….

Virgin Trains has scrapped its Friday afternoon peak restrictions from Euston to ease overcrowding and enable weekend getaways to start earlier.

The difference in many peak and off-peak fares previously led to huge demand for the first Friday night off-peak trains at about 1900. This led to many passengers having to stand for hours on trains to destinations such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Virgin Trains said congestion has eased since it began a trial to end Friday afternoon peak restrictions in July. It has now decided to make the change permanent.

The trial resulted in a decrease in average loading — which shows the proportion of passengers to seats — on a number of previously overcrowded services, such as: 1900 London Euston to Manchester (from 113 per cent to 51 per cent), 1903 London Euston to Birmingham (from 113 per cent to 39 per cent) and 1910 London Euston to Holyhead (from 123 per cent to 85 per cent).

Virgin Trains reported an additional 3,500 journeys were made each Friday during the trial amid an increase in passenger satisfaction.

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  1. Paul Wilkinson Says:

    The Man in Seat 61 @seatsixtyone says:

    Talking to Virgin Trains’ MD yesterday, their removal of Friday afternoon Off-Peak restrictions has been quite spectacularly successful – overcrowding slashed, and far from being abstractive it’s actually been marginally generative.

    It’s been a big hit with passengers – they get a seat & a 2 hour longer weekend away. Also a big hit with staff, who pushed for the trial to be made permanent (which it now is) seeing the benefits first hand – crewing the crowded first off-peak trains was never popular!

    Though before you ask, it’s only Fridays at present as that’s the day business travel reduces and leisure travel increases making this removal of peak restrictions viable. A bold move by Virgin that’s clearly paid off!

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