Saturday Strike Days – Bus Timetable Changed ….

Posted on November 28th, 2018, by The Chairman

From Saturday 1 December the bus times are significantly different than those previously.

Most will know the Mid Cheshire Line has had no train service on Saturdays since 25 August 2018 despite it being the busiest day for leisure travel. Previously on Strike Saturdays the normal 36 trains were replaced by 18 trains just running between Chester and Altrincham, with connecting buses to Stockport.

But since 25 August this has been reduced to just 3 buses each way between Chester and Stockport, each taking an hour longer than the train.

Members will have read in our Autumn 2018 Rail Report my comments about how this seriously inconvenienced many ….

“Since 25th August this has been replaced by 3 buses each way, each taking an hour longer than the train. The first bus arrives at Altrincham at 0922 making it too late for those with Saturday jobs to use, with the last bus leaving Altrincham at 1553, far too early for those with Saturday jobs. For Chester, the first arrival is 1000, with a last departure of 1515, again no use for those with Saturday jobs. There are no parallel bus services along parts of the line, thus leaving Mid Cheshire cut off by public transport for every Saturday since August. Those with Saturday jobs are finding this very difficult – not everyone has recourse to a car or someone who can drive them to and from work. Using taxis could cost more than those on minimum wage earn on a Saturday.”

We hear this was noted within Northern and the bus times from 1 December are amended such that those with 9-5 Saturday jobs can now use the service (bus) to get to and from work. Click here for details, selecting the Industrial Action line.

Meanwhile, we call on the DfT and the RMT to work urgently to set aside their differences to allow Northern to run the trains that passengers expect in the run-up to Christmas.

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