Lostock Gralam Railway Station

The station on opening in 1863 as part of the second phase of the Cheshire Midland Railway′s line from Altrincham to Northwich was called Lostock. The Cheshire Midland Railway formed part of the Cheshire Lines Committee in 1865. It was renamed Lostock Gralam later in the same year.

The main Lostock Gralam station house fell into disrepair and was demolished in July 2007 on Health & Safety grounds. The only buildings now remaining are two modern shelters –  one on each platform.

From Lostock Gralam station a walk of just less than two miles along to the Trent & Mersey canal brings you to the Lion Salt Works, which was re-opened on 5th June 2015 following a four-year, £10.23m restoration project.

This new ‘living museum’ gives a fascinating and fresh insight into the story of salt, explaining the national significance of Cheshire’s salt industry and how it shaped the local people, economy and landscape.

Adjacent to the Lion Salt Works is the Northwich Community Woodlands and a further 40 minutes walk is the Anderton Boat Lift.

For those seeking refreshments on the walk, the Salt Barge at Marston and the Stanley Arms opposite the Anderton Boat Lift both serve food.

Light refreshments are also available at the cafe at the Lion Salt Works.

Lostock Gralam Station has won an award in the Cheshire Best Kept Station Competition.