Winsford Railway Station

The station was opened in 1837 by the Grand Junction Railway.  The present station dates from 1961, when  the station buildings and footbridge were replaced as part of the West Coast electrification project. Help Points, Customer Information Screens and electronic departure boards were introduced in 2010.

The station is staffed. When closed there is a Self Service Ticket Machine located on the platform behind the Booking Hall. There is a regular bus service between Winsford Town Centre and Middlewich on Monday to Saturday with a bus stop within the station car park.

Winsford railway station is on the edge of the town, but very close to the Winsford Industrial Estate, a pioneering estate which in 2005 was the first industrial estate in the UK to become a Business Improvement District.

The Weaver Parkway is a wildlife rich restored landscape, along the Weaver Navigation. Taking you deep into some of Cheshire’s finest countryside, this 40 mile route follows the gentle path of meandering waterways, down the spine of this beautiful county.

There is sailing, fishing, and walking at Winsford Flashes. The Flashes are now an area of natural beauty on the River Weaver. They were formed when the underground caverns from where the salt had been pumped out as brine collapsed.

The Winsford Rock Salt Mine is the last working mine in Britain. The mine contains enormous caverns more like a cathedral than a working mine and has roads big enough for large lorries and heavy machinery.  Older caverns are used for secure document archival, for which they are well suited thanks to the constant temperature and low levels of humidity. Although the mine is not open to the public, it has a very informative website with video clips and image library.

The Whitegate Way is the former railway line that took the salt away from the mine. Walk, ride or cycle along this ideal traffic-free link from Winsford to Cuddington, near Delamere Forest Park.

Winsford Station has won an award in the Cheshire Best Kept Station Competition.